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Our Current Projects to Change the World…

…through raising consciousness and healing. First, we are creating a healing tantric temple in the San Francisco Bay area where men and women can come to learn how to release guilt, shame, and fear around their bodies, their sexuality, and … Continue reading

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017 – 4 Main Feelings + Mind / Body / Spirit “Emotions”

What is the difference between pleasure, joy, happiness, ecstasy and bliss? How are the body, mind, and consciousness or spirit related to each of these? What are the four main emotions and how do we classify them? When thinking about … Continue reading

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012-Overcoming Labels, Beliefs, and Concepts

How do our ideas about how the world works keep us back from truly experiencing and living in the world? How do labels and concepts separate rather than connect us, from ourselves, each other, and the universe? How are words … Continue reading

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008 – Buddha’s Birthday and what we can Learn from It

Buddha’s Birthday is today! Happy birthday, Buddha! What can we learn about ending our suffering and discovering who we are from Buddha’s life?

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Spiritual Counterfeits

With all due respect to the dynamic 5th dimension crystal matrix 2012 archangel vortex tetrahedron energetic light masters etc etc I want to talk for a moment about spirituality. Your spirituality is about finding, and removing all blocks to your … Continue reading

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