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Erotic Archetype Segment Therapy

The purpose of archetype erotic training is to allow a person to enter into, as far as possible, their full life power by means of releasing and accessing every form and major location of energetic expression that can take place … Continue reading

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Not E-mail (Therapy)

So, lately I have been getting a spate of looooong e-mails from people, describing in great detail their travails and sufferings and asking me to write back my opinion. Would you approach a psychotherapist like this? A life coach? Probably … Continue reading

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My Books are now Available on Amazon

I am very happy to announce that my book: The Total Man and Complete Woman is finished and now available at Amazon both for Kindle and in soft cover. The Kindle version is available here: The Total Man and Complete … Continue reading

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021 – Needs A-Z

Happiness is the purpose of life. Happiness comes from getting your needs met. Getting your needs met is therefore the purpose of life. Feelings are signposts to these roads to happiness-your needs. Understand what needs you have, find strategies for … Continue reading

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017 – 4 Main Feelings + Mind / Body / Spirit “Emotions”

What is the difference between pleasure, joy, happiness, ecstasy and bliss? How are the body, mind, and consciousness or spirit related to each of these? What are the four main emotions and how do we classify them? When thinking about … Continue reading

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