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What is philosophy? What are philosophers? Why are they?

A philosopher is someone who is constantly concerned with *how* to live. In other words: what is the right way? Not because of authority, but because it is our inner truth. And he shares and talks about that a lot? … Continue reading

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How to Find Truth (and why it’s so hard)

Finding truth feels mortally and existentially threatening. Remember when Socrates took the boy out into the river who was looking for truth? What would you answer to these questions? 1. If you were being lied to and deceived—even by people … Continue reading

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Will I go back to school?

“When I left school at the age of fifteen I was halfway through the tenth grade. I left for two reasons, economic necessity being the first of them. More important was that school was interfering with my education.” ― Louis … Continue reading

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Erotic Archetype Segment Therapy

The purpose of archetype erotic training is to allow a person to enter into, as far as possible, their full life power by means of releasing and accessing every form and major location of energetic expression that can take place … Continue reading

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Our Current Projects to Change the World…

…through raising consciousness and healing. First, we are creating a healing tantric temple in the San Francisco Bay area where men and women can come to learn how to release guilt, shame, and fear around their bodies, their sexuality, and … Continue reading

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