Spiritual Counterfeits

With all due respect to the dynamic 5th dimension crystal matrix 2012 archangel vortex tetrahedron energetic light masters etc etc I want to talk for a moment about spirituality.

Your spirituality is about finding, and removing all blocks to your personal  passionate purpose here on this planet.

It’s about leaving all the stories and concepts you have about you and your limitations, your pain and your suffering.

It’s about truly experiencing this dimension of physical manifestation. And seeing it for what it is.

And it is about deeply expressing the gifts you have to those that are waiting for them.

As you try to do so, you try to deprogram, process your feelings, find the right teachers, and open to the truth.

How are your relationships?

In our society, we can see the truth of our own spiritual practice very often from the quality of our personal relationships.

Are we filled with anger, fear, regret, sorrow for the past? Do we consult experience to make decisions instead of our intuitive knowing? Do we hold on to past pain instead of feeling the actuality of the present?

Consider the people that you respect and recommend as teachers. Sometimes you may know some of their life stories. Chances are, they faced death in many forms.

  • Death of their concepts of themselves
  • Death of their ideas about life and the world
  • Death of loved ones
  • Perhaps even their own deaths or serious illness or accident

They have often faced much pain and suffering.

This is usually necessary to destroy our illusions.

Either we can search out opportunities to let go of our ‘ego’ and its concepts of self, or we can look for opportunities to move our ego from connection to the physical to the spiritual.

As Osho says, a goal of salvation, satori, or enlightenment is still a goal. True spirituality is a consequence, almost a byproduct of constantly pursuing our own truth and power. It is not achieved through looking for ‘the next big thing’, be that a realization, a spiritual skill, or a new experience, unless these things are leading us deeper inside ourselves.

Because the journey is ultimately an internal one, the less we identify with and the more transparent we become, the more likely it is to find that space of spaceless clarity and powerless power that represents our true self.

About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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