Starting to Change your Life

So, something is not right with your life. You want to change something. You may not even realize what that is exactly at the moment. How do you start?

Well, you start by sitting with your back upright and brining your attention to your breathing. Close your eyes for one minute in this position. Maybe you are like me and your back starts hurting. For me, that was anger, for example. Bring your attention to every feeling and sensation, whether comfortable or uncomfortable.

Congratulations. You have started.

Now, what happens when you risk “quiet” (or ‘stillness’ as the Buddhists call it) is that things can manifest to you which you are usually not listening to.

Feelings. Pain. Stuff you usually don’t have time for when you are busy ‘living life’. The funny thing? The stuff that starts showing itself is life. But it’s the part of life you haven’t had time and space for until you start listening. To yourself.

According to some people, this is all you need to do. Just sit and be aware. Everything will come up. You can look at it. Make conscious decisions. You are done.

What if that doesn’t work fast enough?

Well, you might start looking for someone to help you. Who do you go to?

It doesn’t matter at first. Just go to someone who seems adequately strange. A ‘healer’, ‘energy worker’, ‘fortune teller’…anyone who can give you a new (though not necessarily ‘true’) view on things.

Listen to how this person thinks about problems and issues. Compare it with how you tend to think about problems and issues.

This is the start.

About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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