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Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

Christo-Tantrism Articles of Faith

What do you think? 1. I commit to following Jesus. Not interpretations of Jesus. Not the so-called Christian church. Not the Bible as a whole. And not any particular preacher. But Jesus. I cultivate a personal connection with Jesus via … Continue reading

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Tantra Guidelines (So that Ryan doesn’t Forget)

You are free to teach or share anything that I have taught you, provided that you make arrangements with me to ask any questions that might come up. Share the material with no more than 6 new people at once. … Continue reading

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Foundations of Erotically Inclusive Community

What we will prove here: The purpose of all relating (communication/sensual interaction) is to meet human needs. – Self-evident Community was previously a support for meeting needs within traditional couple relationships and many other forms of relating as well. (Through … Continue reading

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Will our Tribe change the world?

I am having the most powerful feeling ever that, in the space that I want for me, no one should be left out. There should be space for everyone. What do you think? Sign up for our Newsletter to join … Continue reading

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What are your true needs?

No child should leave school without having an understanding of their own and others’ fundamental human needs. Yet, in conventional education, this topic is ignored at best, and suppressed at worst. Did you learn what your fundamental human needs were … Continue reading

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