Christo-Tantrism Articles of Faith

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1. I commit to following Jesus.

Not interpretations of Jesus. Not the so-called Christian church. Not the Bible as a whole. And not any particular preacher. But Jesus. I cultivate a personal connection with Jesus via study, practice, and exploration. 

I believe Jesus’ words and actions are most wise and useful for a happy, healthy life and community. 

Through Jesus, we enjoy the abundant life. 

2. We believe, as Jesus said, that conventional notions of marriage, patriarchal fatherhood, and limited family living is incompatible with true happiness. 

3. We believe in the Church as a circle of believers, committed to following the principles of growth and love as taught, espoused, and exemplified by Jesus. 

4. We seek to expand both our circle of empathy and compassion and caring and action as widely as possible. 

5. We believe in community that seeks to meet the needs of all its members. 

6. We accept the body as a most beautiful gift and seek to enjoy it to its fullest. 

7. We need the support of others to grow and flourish as we wish. 

8. We seek to use God’s example and teaching to support one another in this growth. 

9. We seek honesty in finances, using our opportunities to join our resources for the growth and happiness and the abundant life of God’s goals. 


This represents our current draft.

About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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