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Paul Lowe on Changing your Life

Paul Lowe is a wonderfully entertaining teacher…here he discusses why people who know that they are loved and given messages from those they love to change things. Fun things.

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The War for the Feminine: Part II

From last time… “In the process they push the authentic feminine spirit further and further away, causing themselves more fear, which causes them to institute more draconian and restrictive systems to force energy to themselves…” And this is where we … Continue reading

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On the War for Feminine Energy

At the bottom of every man’s fetish: every porn addiction, every fascination with prostitution or peep shows is the deep desire for energy. Feminine energy. Men are born desiring it. Craving it. Needing it. And virtually every avenue is closed … Continue reading

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012-Overcoming Labels, Beliefs, and Concepts

How do our ideas about how the world works keep us back from truly experiencing and living in the world? How do labels and concepts separate rather than connect us, from ourselves, each other, and the universe? How are words … Continue reading

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008 – Buddha’s Birthday and what we can Learn from It

Buddha’s Birthday is today! Happy birthday, Buddha! What can we learn about ending our suffering and discovering who we are from Buddha’s life?

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