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The Energy of Being “Single”

First of all “single” doesn’t exist. That’s another article. I was sitting with some friends and one woman mentioned that she was single, unhappily so. And when I looked at her I saw ‘the energy’. The ‘single woman’ energy. I … Continue reading

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The War for the Feminine: Part II

From last time… “In the process they push the authentic feminine spirit further and further away, causing themselves more fear, which causes them to institute more draconian and restrictive systems to force energy to themselves…” And this is where we … Continue reading

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020 – A Complete Theory of Relating

If you have ever had problems relating or in relationship, this is the podcast for you. In it, you will find a complete theory for relationship and relating. How it all works. What all the pieces are. What can go … Continue reading

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019 – How We Bully Children (and How Not to Do It) II/II

Welcome to part II of the series on peaceful and conscious parenting and interaction with children. In it, you will hear many ideas that can shift the paradigm in child raising from a place of domination and stress to a … Continue reading

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018 – How we Bully Children (without even realizing it)

A topic that is near and very dear to my heart. How is it best to treat children? In what ways might we be treating them that harm them and ourselves without even realizing it?

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