On the War for Feminine Energy

At the bottom of every man’s fetish: every porn addiction, every fascination with prostitution or peep shows is the deep desire for energy. Feminine energy.

Men are born desiring it. Craving it. Needing it. And virtually every avenue is closed to them for receiving it. Gentleness. Compassion. Touch.

No man can be successful in a worldly sense without it. Look at almost any “successful man” in the world. He has at least a wife and a mistress, if not many lovers.

Paradoxically the love of woman is both the reason for all he does and the thing which enables him to accomplish the most out in the world. Men are promised that if they can woo a woman enough for her to “commit” to him for life, then he can have as much energy as he desires. What he finds out however is that that is one of the biggest lies in all existence.Instead of having the goddess mirror to accept his energy and validate him in the world, he often finds himself cut off, alone and unconnected to the planet on which he lives, unheld by the feminine of creation.This magnifies his existential fear, and in his desperation he lashes out to control the feminine and her energy to prevent it from engulfing and destroying him psychically.

The more painful his experiences with the feminine, the more he will attempt to control.

So, men have been attempting to gain control of Her energy by manipulating the environment (as opposed to nature) in a multitude of ways.

They have created marriage and used religion to enforce it through morality. They have promised women safety by this monopoly of her energy. In reality, it is a prison

They have used politics to use the force of violence to take women’s energy.

They have tried to use knowledge as a weapon, creating colleges and barring women from entry, to create false dependence and reliance on men.

They created money and financial systems to steal the fruits of the land and the land itself from her–to threaten her with starvation and homelessness if she does not yield.

They have tried to hold her back from the arts. From medicine. From knowledge in every form.

In the process they push the authentic feminine spirit further and further away, causing themselves even more fear, which causes them to institute more draconian and restrictive systems to force energy to themselves…

Until the entire world stands on the brink of destruction.

End of Part I
…to be continued…

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