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Starting to Change your Life

So, something is not right with your life. You want to change¬†something. You may not even realize what that is exactly at the moment. How do you start? Well, you start by sitting with your back upright and brining your … Continue reading

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Christian Enlightenment

*Note: still working on this one… It is not easy to describe enlightenment, the kingdom of God for Christians. I have the feeling that much of what Jesus said has been censored. He also said he could not say in … Continue reading

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Running Away Through Action

I recently watched a rather intense therapy/catharsis session that was filmed at Osho’s Pune ashram in 1979. As I watched, the words came to me: “Awareness is watching.” I was wondering how effective the session in question would be at … Continue reading

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Ego in Relationship

Most relationships tend to make the participants less happy, less free, and less powerful.¬† Why is that? As this excellent interview with Nityama postulates, most of our relationships are built upon the foundational purposes that serve to avoid consciousness, instead … Continue reading

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Step Two: Lost

And then a job was offered that paid a multiple of my previous job. I persevered. For about five years, I was completely spiritually lost. Instead of having all the answers, as I had in my old organization, I had … Continue reading

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