Running Away Through Action

I recently watched a rather intense therapy/catharsis session that was filmed at Osho’s Pune ashram in 1979. As I watched, the words came to me: “Awareness is watching.”

I was wondering how effective the session in question would be at resolving emotional blocks.

Someone asked this question:

“When you feel pockets of energy, stuck areas, etc, expressing themselves… you say to give them space. Does this involve screaming if that’s what happens, or raging, or crying,or beating cushions, or getting up and dancing, etc? Or are you suggesting to stay lying down and somewhat calmer?”

About the emotional self-empathy exercise. Basically the question is:

“Do I repress the emotion by holding my body still or do I repress the emotion by jumping about and carrying on?”

Repression in this case equals not being present with what is there. If some subtle emotion or pain comes up somewhere, we can repress and drown it  out(and the very real fear connected to it)  with overly-dramatic reactions

Contrary to popular belief in many healing circles, more screaming, punching, and “visible emotion” does not necessarily equal more healing or emotional release. Very often, it is simply another form of repression or escape from what is really present. Or, another form of “acceptable acting” for the situation in question.

Banging on mattresses or screaming only gives us permission to feel what is inside–sometimes! It doesn’t resolve anything that is not present in this moment.

Which is why you can beat on mattresses and scream 100 times without being able to overcome the emotion of anger towards your mother.

So, as you experience any healing or therapeutic intervention, stay very present with what the body is feeling in that moment.  Breathe into your belly–as fast as you feel is necessary to process the pain or emotion. The healing may take place though nothing much is externally vidible.  And follow the body–do not dictate to it. It will do naturally what is required.

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