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Meditation is the key to deepening our consciousness and awareness of the present.

One very helpful source for information about meditation is The Book of Secrets, which are Osho’s commentary on the vigyan bhairav tantra, 112 meditation techniques for seeing reality ‘as it is’.

Much of what we consider ‘tantra’ in the western world is based almost exclusively on some of sexual content from this ancient system of personal development.

However, tantra as understood anciently represented a non-dual path of acceptance of all that is.

Introductory Content
What is The Book of Secrets?

Where can I get The Book of Secrets?

Quotes and Commentary
1: Tantra is about Technique

2: Doing is Knowing

3: The Teacher is the Lover is the Teacher

4: Feminine Receptivity is Necessary

5: Becoming One with the Master

6: Language of Logic vs. Language of Love

7: Drink in the Master and Listen to the Silence

8: Transcending Duality

9: Being Truly Open

10: Beginning the Practices

11: Repression vs. Freedom

12: Transformation through Acceptance

13: Yoga vs. Tantra – Feminine vs. Masculine – Introvert vs. Extrovert

14: You Cannot Enter Love through Technique

15: How Do I Know Which Technique will Result?

16: Becoming Truly Total

17: Divinity is your Natural State

18: How can Small Techniques Manifest?

19: Fear vs. Reality

20: How to Start Meditation Right

21: Why trust the Mind?

22: Admit your Fear

23: Starting and Stopping Again

24: Talking Ain’t Doing!

25: Meditation through Prana

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