20: Starting Meditation Right

“Do this: do not make meditation the last thing on your schedule. Make it the first. Then when you feel that now it is not an effort, when you can sit for an hour together completely immersed in breathing – aware, attentive – when you only know this, that you have achieved attention of breathing without any effort; when you are relaxed and enjoying it without any forcing, then you have attained it.

“One has to be patient and one has to start rightly. Know this, because the cunning mind will always try to give you a wrong start. Then you can leave it after two or three days and say, ”This is hopeless.” The mind will give you a wrong start. So always remember to begin rightly, because rightly begun means half done. But we start wrongly.” – Osho

When you first try to meditate, a million and one things will get in the way. No time, no desire.

This is all mind. Hiding your pain from yourself. You will not die. Just go for it. Just do it, as the commercial says.

If you think, your mind will convince you out of it. If you delay, the mind will find other things for you to do.

But this is your chance to be the master of your mind and thus your thoughts and thus your life. The mind will continue to run things. It will be happy to take over anytime you give up the wheel. Simply say ‘No’ and take control.

Take the time for you, away from your frantic mind. And stick with it.

This is the beginning of meditation.

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