21 – Don’t Trust Your Mind

“Even those who talk so much of skepticism, of doubt, of reason, even they never doubt their own minds. And your mind has brought you to the state you are in. If you are in a hell, your mind has brought you to this hell, and you never doubt this guide. You can doubt any teacher, any master, but you never doubt your mind. With unflinching faith, you move with your mind as the guru. And your mind has brought you to the mess, to the misery that you are. If you are going to doubt anything, doubt first your own mind. And whenever your mind says something, think twice…

“So do not think that your mind is not playing the same tricks. It is very intelligent, and because you think it is your mind you never doubt it. It is not yours, it is just a social product. It is not yours! It has been given to you, it has been forced upon you. You have been taught and conditioned in a certain way. From the very childhood your mind has been created by others — parents, society, teachers. The past is creating your mind, influencing your mind. The dead past is forcing itself upon the living continuously.”

– Osho

There is a big difference between your mind and your consciousness. Your mind consists of very limited thoughts. It is based on experience. Of the past.

How do you feel when you think about dying? Becoming very ill? Becoming very poor? Losing your job? Losing a loved one?

You can feel into your body how it reacts when you start to even think about these things. Yet none of them is real. None of them is happening.

This is all mind and the suffering it creates.

You must learn to trust something deeper than your mind and its thoughts if you wish to transcend the life you are living now.


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