IV: Opening to the Feminine Way

“A feminine mind means receptivity – total receptivity, surrender, love. A disciple needs a feminine psychology; otherwise he will not be able to learn. You can ask, but if you are not open then you cannot be answered. You can ask a question and still remain closed. Then the answer cannot penetrate you. Your doors are closed; you are dead. You are not open.”

Nityama says that when he speaks with acupuncturists and people who practice traditional Chinese medicine, that when they work with people on their “yang”—(male, direct, forceful, active) energy, people love it.

When they begin to unblock and work on the yin (female, receptive, “being”) energy, however, people stop coming!

Why is this?

Because our society does not value or recognize the female way of doing things.

Osho says it was once that the East was feminine and the West was masculine. Now they are both masculine.

When you are connected to your female energy you might feel:

  • Vulnerable
  • Open
  • Not “controlling”
  • Flowing
  • Non-logical
  • Feeling

All of this can be mistaken for weakness or, even worse, defectiveness.

However, this openness and yin energy represents the true path of learning–for both men and women.

About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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