The Best Teachers are Lovers

“All the tantra treatises are dialogues between Shiva and Devi. Devi questions and Shiva answers. All the tantra treatises start that way. Why? Why this method? It is very significant. It is not a dialogue between a teacher and a disciple, it is a dialogue between two lovers. And tantra signifies through it a very meaningful thing: that the deeper teachings cannot be given unless there is love between the two – the disciple and the master. The disciple and master must become deep lovers. Only then can the higher, the beyond, be expressed.”

So it is. Relationship (or rather relating) has been called the “yoga of the west” and one method by which we westerners can connect to our hearts, and then perhaps, if we are open, to our centers.

Not only in relatings do we let down some of our barriers and walls…but we also open for new information. Osho says:

“People are like closed houses – you cannot find even a single window open, no fresh breeze passes through those houses. Roses are standing outside but cannot release their fragrance into the house.
The sun comes every day, knocks on the doors, and goes back; the doors are absolutely deaf. They are not available for fresh air, they are not available for fresh rays, they are not available for fresh perfumes, they are not available for anything. They are not houses, they are graves .”

We don’t notice usually, but “most of our so-called reasoning consists in finding arguments for going on believing as we already do“. If something comes up that challenges our beliefs, we experience something called “cognitive dissonance”. It feels uncomfortable. So we usually forget about it.

But not in Love. In Love we are open, we are receptive. This receptiveness–whether man or woman–is what allows us to move from what we know to something greater. More on Osho’s theory about receptiveness later…

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