II: Doing is Knowing

“For tantra, doing is knowing, and there is no other knowing. Unless you do something, unless you change, unless you have a different perspective to look at, to look with, unless you move in an altogether different dimension than the intellect, there is no answer. … All philosophies are lies. You ask a question and the philosophy gives you an answer. It satisfies you or doesn’t satisfy you. If it satisfies you, you become a convert to the philosophy, but you remain the same. If it doesn’t satisfy you, you go on searching for some other philosophy to be converted to. But you remain the same; you are not touched at all, you are not changed.”

The whole focus of the first section of The Book of Secrets  is explained when Osho says: “Tantra means technique.” He is discussing practical ways to become enlightened.

He is not concerned with doctrine.

He is not concerned with dogma.

He is not concerned with philosophy.

In other words, it is not about what we think. It is about the process we use. The experience. The formula. The recipe.

You don’t have to understand how eggs and flour and butter and sugar exactly combine chemically to make a cake. It is irrelevant for you.

If you follow the recipe, you will get a cake.

Tantra is about transformation. Changing you. Changing your inside.

Therefore, doing is knowing.

Don’t think about it. Do.

Don’t discuss it. Do.

Don’t philosophize about it. Do.

I learned this on my first tantra workshop. It wasn’t about thinking, arguing, figuring out, one-upping, being most intelligent or conceptually strong.

It was about doing.

The path of change is the path of doing. The path of vision is the path of doing. The path of meditation is the path of doing.

Stop discussing. Stop talking. Stop thinking. Just do.

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