V: Becoming One with the Master

“So Devi is not just a consort, she is Shiva’s other half. And unless a disciple becomes the other half of the master it is impossible to convey the higher teachings, the esoteric methods. When you become one then there is no doubt. When you are one with the master – so totally one, so deeply one – there is no argument, no logic, no reason. One simply absorbs; one becomes a womb. And then the teaching begins to grow in you and change you.”

This relates to the concept of feminine receptivity in the last post. When you are open, truly open, you are not filtering, judging with the mind.Deciding what is right and wrong. What you will accept and what you will reject.

You are “testing everything, and holding fast to that which is good“.

We doubt. And by ‘doubt’, Osho here means that we refuse to even consider or try the new path, idea, or concept.

How often do we reject a new idea, a new thought, a new practice or even a new person simply because it is different or new? More often than we would admit.

Instead, when we find a master, when we find a teacher, when we find a path, we cannot know what that teacher or path will give us until we fully step into it. Surrender. Go in. Open.

This, however, is one of the most difficult things for us to do because it challenges everything we thought we knew and were up to this point.

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