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Channeling/Mediumship are Deceptions

You cannot pick up a spiritual phone and speak to your dead relatives. It is impossible. You can speak to people¬†claiming to be dead relatives. Or Jesus. Or Mary Magdalene. Or anyone else whose identity could be used to gain … Continue reading

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Getting a Demon Out (2/x)

When you first start meeting demons, you don’t know what to do. My teacher neither believed in them nor had any experience with them. I know, because I asked. So I was kinda on my own. With some old horror … Continue reading

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The First Demon I met (1/x)

So. I had quite the faith crisis when I left the Mormon church. I knew I had been lied to. That was demonstrable. And I wasn’t happy. So I left. With it, all my ‘knowing’ about god, and everything else … Continue reading

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Exorcism under Hypnosis

For some reason, an exorcism is dramatically easier to perform under the influence of hypnosis. The story: I was working with someone hypnotically and every time I would hypnotize them, I would get different stories about ‘who they were’. She … Continue reading

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Debunking A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and Spiritual Scams

A cursory inspection of what we know reveals that A Course in Miracles is a spiritual scam. I just name it especially because it is quite “big” and popular and am not going to take time into going into all … Continue reading

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