Channeling/Mediumship are Deceptions

You cannot pick up a spiritual phone and speak to your dead relatives. It is impossible.

You can speak to people claiming to be dead relatives. Or Jesus. Or Mary Magdalene. Or anyone else whose identity could be used to gain power over you.

I have lost many friends because of saying these things, but they are true.

Abraham (of Abraham Hicks?). Demonic deceit.

Hathors? Of Tom Kenyon – Deceit.

Matt Kahn? Same.

As well as documents created this way…

ACIM? – Deception.

The Book of Mormon? – Deception

Probably most ‘spiritual texts’? Deception.

Note that I don’t say ‘lies’. Because there is much truth in any and all of these sources. But that is how a spiritual con works.

Channeling/mediumship will send you–without exception–on a spiritual wild-goose chase or much worse.

Anything that you read or that is channeled to you which disagrees with your experience and inner truth must be discarded. For your own spiritual good.

These influences are, if you listen to them, capable of your entire destruction.

If you want wisdom, talk to God. God is infinitely wise, always available, can create miracles for you and loves you infinitely.

Why would you waste time talking to a fake dead relative or even some supposed dead mystic when you can speak to the ultimate Creator of All yourself, however you understand Him/Her/etc?

I will tell you why.

You know exactly what God wants you to do in any given moment. You know inside where the truth is and how to follow it.

But, it feels too difficult, too painful, too challenging, too scary too… etc to follow.

So, you settle for lesser spiritual knowledge, in the hope that you never have to confront what your deepest ultimate truth has already told you.

As someone who has run from god in many different periods in my life, let me assure you: there is nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

Your own soul will find you. It will confront you.

God will pull at your very heartstrings. And one day, you will yield…and that day will be one of perfect joy.

About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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