Getting a Demon Out (2/x)

When you first start meeting demons, you don’t know what to do. My teacher neither believed in them nor had any experience with them. I know, because I asked.

So I was kinda on my own. With some old horror movies as support and what I remembered from the New Testament.

Turns out, none of that is very helpful.

The important thing to know is that demons have no power. Not unless you let them. While it is true that all sorts of pretty unusual things can happen with possession, I believe that they all happen with our power which gets hijacked by the demon. In other words, your own power with your permission. Demons have just had more time to learn how all this stuff works, and it has been hidden from us by people controlled by ‘the dark side’. So, to us the stuff you see demons ‘do’ looks like showing an iPhone to a medieval peasant. It’s just technology. And the technology of your body is a million times more powerful than anything we can invent. You just don’t know how to use it.

Back to the topic.

So, I had found my first demon. Thank you Maria! How to get rid of it?

Reiki didn’t seem to work.

Saying “Go away!” (even very authoritatively), didn’t seem to work.

Talking to it (yeah, I figured out how to have conversations later), wasn’t usually particularly helpful.

Truth works.

What does that mean?

Every demon has a particular energetic ‘signature’ that invades the ‘possessed’. [1. Some people use different terms for various levels of possession. I usually don’t worry about it.]

That energy signature or behavior is different for each demon and each person.

Some examples:

  1. One woman, very intelligent, whenever she started talking about her relationship, tended to just trail off into nothingness, suddenly getting extremely confused and unable to finish her sentences. It was very strange to watch.
  2. Another person, whenever he tried to say something important, immediately was overcome with violent shaking sensations and fear. Despite lots of training in speaking and experience with other topics.
  3. Another person ‘channeled’ lots and lots of mysterious info but their life was stuck in many ways that really mattered to them.
  4. Another was permanently alone, unable to connect.
  5. Another stayed in an abusive relationship long after she promised her friends and family she would leave.

Now, you are thinking, there can be lots of reasons for any of these.

That’s true. Screaming ‘Demon!’ every time something goes wrong is premature. I work on dozens of people every year. I would say that a demon or energetic infestation seems to be the issue about once a year. Maybe 1% of the time.

So, why do I even bother writing about it?

Because, when a demon is the problem, it is a big problem that I don’t believe can be solved any other way and that can be endlessly frustrating for anyone working ‘around’ the demon.

Anyway. Back to ‘truth’.

A demon is a spiritual parasite that can live where there is a lie.

In other words, something happens that frightens us. Then we are offered a ‘deal with the devil’. It can be as simple as ‘if you let me use your body/you won’t be alone anymore’. So, in this case, the spiritual equivalent of an abusive codependent relationship.

This is the ‘devil’s deal’, or ‘demonic contract’.

It involves accepting some lie and in return selling something of our truth for some unhealthy version of what we really want.

Does that make sense?

Every person who I have worked with who has been stuck and where at least some part of the block was this kind of infestation has had to:

  1. Identify the contract.
  2. Consciously cancel it.
  3. Take back their power.
  4. Embrace the truth that was hidden.
  5. Tell the being to leave based upon the new truth embraced
  6. Continue to live new habits based on this truth in life. (As, it is very easy for someone to go back to the ‘spirits’ they just cast out out of comfort or habit. Just like someone who drinks alcohol.)

From that point of view, overcoming a demon or casting it out is more the job of the person who wishes to change something in their lives and less the job of the ‘exorcist’.

If the exorcist is having to put in a lot of work, s/he should consider that.


In Maria’s case, there was a belief inside that ‘if I sacrifice myself and my happiness for others, I will be safe.”

Thus, she was a powerful and famous healer who spent all day 6 days a week giving sessions for almost no money, lived in an unhappy marriage, made sure her kids and husband were taken care of, and ignored her own needs, wishes, wants, desires, and goals–aside from being a great healer and servant to others.

Maybe that life sounds good, except for the fact that it was a lie. The more she allowed herself to receive, the more she could give and bless others’ lives and actually be happy herself. Her ‘sacrifice’ was unnecessary and useless suffering that didn’t really help anyone–neither clients, nor children, nor herself. Letting go of that martyr complex allowed her to move on, have the relationships she wanted in her life, profit from her skills in every way, and, ultimately, help many more people.




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