The First Demon I met (1/x)


I had quite the faith crisis when I left the Mormon church. I knew I had been lied to. That was demonstrable. And I wasn’t happy. So I left.

With it, all my ‘knowing’ about god, and everything else came into question.

I found the world of energy healing–a different story–and immediately began working as a healer. Both with those close to me as well as with private clients.

I had worked with Maria quite a bit on her relationship, which weren’t making her happy, and which she was still notĀ finding a way to improve or leave.

Usually with clients, steady work yields steady rewards. But Maria was different.

We kept working together, and something kept ‘resetting’ her progress.

She kept returning to the same place over and over and over.

I was really frustrated about this and didn’t know what was wrong.

So, we were in one of our energy/healing sessions and I had an impression.

I watched as the small extremely wrinkled head of a very old man arose from her chest. And looked at me.

Now, my sister had had run-ins with demons/possession when she first went away to college–like things moving in the apartment with no one touching them, iirc.

But this was my first run-in.

I didn’t know what to do or say–at first. It just felt like what I had called to be revealed…was.

Thus began my first steps into the world of demons, healing them (deliverance or exorcism), and learning about the realities of things we can’t always see.



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