Exorcism under Hypnosis

For some reason, an exorcism is dramatically easier to perform under the influence of hypnosis.

The story:

I was working with someone hypnotically and every time I would hypnotize them, I would get different stories about ‘who they were’.

She would jump into an age…usually 3 or 8…sometimes 13 and 14, and tell a story that was complete nonsense. She was a girl from a story, living that story, talking about the family.

Anyway, after hacking away at these stories rather uselessly, putting the children protagonists ‘to bed’ mentally, It appeared.

And it has a name and was not happy to be found.

“Fuck you.” it was fond of saying.

“Get out,” I said.

Eventually it did, waking her up cussing and shaking uncontrollably at the same time.

But it was gone.

This is my second ‘exorcism’ using hypnosis.

And, to contrast it with multiple exorcisms without hypnosis, these are much, much simpler.


I am not sure. Under hypnosis, you have conscious and deeper consent to work with the client. The resistances are largely out of the way, so that you are talking to the ‘entity’ much more directly and easily than otherwise.

Highly recommended.

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Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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