Extending past Duality, Past Conscious and Unconscious

“…the very words VIGYANA BHAIRAVA TANTRA mean the technique of going beyond consciousness. VIGYANA means consciousness, BHAIRAVA means the state which is beyond consciousness, and TANTRA means the method: the method of going beyond consciousness. This is the supreme doctrine – without any doctrine.”

Osho teaches that all religious teachings (and most forms of meditation) are concerned with becoming more conscious.

Tantra seeks, in the Vigyan Bhariava Tantra, to explain how to move beyond the duality of conscious and unconscious. To transcend it. He says:

“But tantra says that this is a duality – unconscious and conscious. If you move from unconsciousness to consciousness, you are moving from one duality to another. Move beyond both! Unless you move beyond both you can never reach the ultimate, so be neither the unconscious nor the conscious; just go beyond, just be. Be neither the conscious nor the unconscious – just BE! This is going beyond yoga, going beyond Zen, going beyond all teachings.”

Once you can transcend duality, you have reached a degree of enlightenment. Once “out there” is the same as “in here”. Once “they” are also “I”. Once “I” is the same as “nothing” and “Everything”.

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