Drinking in the Master. Listening to the Silence

“Why this emphasis on love – love language? Because if you are in love with your master, then the whole gestalt changes; it becomes different. Then you are not hearing his words. Then you are drinking him. Then words are irrelevant. Really, the silence between the words becomes more significant. What he is saying may be meaningful or it may not be meaningful… but it is his eyes, his gestures, his compassion, his love.”

How can you absorb someone? Someone’s energy? Someone’s very soul through their words? Or maybe the silence between the words…

It takes an understanding of the energy that flows within someone, between all things, an understanding that every child and most dogs have, but that we lose through our ‘socialization’…

Next time you listen, listen to the energy of the interaction. Listen to what is really coming out. Listen to the feelings that are there…both in yourself and the Other.

Only in this way can you connect. Every child does it instinctively. “Except ye become as a child…”


About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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