Body is not the Final Deepest Reality

“If you love someone, if you really love, his body is bound to disappear. In some moments of climax, of peak, the form will dissolve, and through the beloved you will enter the formless.”

What is your reality is a couple different questions. Let’s look at the one Osho is speaking of.

There are three levels of a person.

  1. The form, the body.
  2. The incarnated truth of their cosmic consciousness form–which is almost infinite
  3. Their cosmic consciousness–which is actually infinite
It has been my experience that we are all amazed and fascinated by #1, which is like frosting on a cake. Window dressing. Fun. Interesting, but not super-important.
When we connect to #2, mystical things happen. If we connect to #3, it feels like complete destruction and annihilation.
Don’t get stuck on the form. Don’t get stuck on the body. Go deeper. Forget the outside.

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Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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