Why Short Therapy Sometimes Doesn’t Work

Why are the sessions usually structured how they are? (3-4 days at a time)

(Listen to this as MP3 Download: How Resistance Works in Therapy and Why Long Sessions  are more Effective )

The fundamental reason for doing this (beyond because I enjoy deep interaction and healing), is because of resistance. Many therapists are familiar with the client canceling sessions or therapy right before a breakthrough.

With longer session time, we have the space to allow feelings of resistance to arise, provide the presence they need to be processed, and let them pass again. As this happens, the subconscious and the body effectively receives the powerful, life-altering message that, “I allowed my energy to rise, and I didn’t die!”

If someone raises energy and immediately leaves the therapy session, there can be external resistance from friends and family as well as the programmed internal resistance. The combination can be enough for the recipient of the healing to allow any feelings of breakthrough or progress in the session to be overshadowed, repressed, or forgotten. Ending the therapy is not seldom a result.

After a large enough amount of time, a breakthrough is made that allows one to make a significant change in ‘real life’, rather than making a ‘small movement’ that is arrested at the first sign of resistance.

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