Resistance to Conscious Men

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Many times I hear women complain: there are no conscious, good men out there! No men with awareness! No spiritual men!

But what happens if a conscious man–a man with spiritual awareness–engages with a woman?

If he engages with her in any way deeply–and most conscious men will engage with a woman at a deep level very quickly–she will probably feel angry, offended, and notice a strong resistance in her to what is happening.

Why is that?

This is because a conscious man will invite a woman to enter into her full feminine power.

Why does that make her angry?

When she raised her energy as a child–squealing and screaming, dancing with abandon, or even touched herself in a way that adults did not approve of–she received messages like:

  • Be quiet!
  • Settle down!
  • Stop disturbing us!
  • Stop it!
  • That’s dirty!

All of these messages were sent with such a strong energy that often the message that she received was that her primary caretakers (usually the parents) were very unhappy with such behaviour. If she persisted, perhaps they would not even love her.

And of course the child realizes at some stage in childhood that if the parents do not love (‘take care’) of her as a child, she will die.

Therefore, when a woman has the opportunity to connect to a conscious man, what happens? In the moment in which she is invited to enter into her power:

  • One part of her–the natural part–the part that arrived at birth–is ecstatic at the idea of being able to fully enter into her energy, however that feels to her
  • Another part of her, the subconscious conditioned and repressed part, is naturally terrified. Because that part has received such strong messages that if she does not keep her energy low (where her parents communicated it should be) she will not receive love and is in danger of death.

As she connects to a conscious man, it’s as if he is putting a gun to her head. There is no real danger, but the emotion is so strong is feels as if her very life is at stake if she opens for the energy he is inviting her to enter into.

Very often, if the woman does not have adequate support to enter into this energy, she will avoid and end experiences which invite her to enter more deeply into her power to stop the turmoil that feels, literally, as painful as death.

About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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