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The Revolution Begins

In which I discuss how much I learned about sex in Europe, how much we still have to learn in the US, and what I and perhaps you are going to do about it.

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Continuing your Orgasmic Journey–For Women

Once you have been able to enjoy a basic orgasmic experience–this means clitoral orgasms by yourself and with a partner, and g-spot orgasms as well–you can, if you choose, begin to delve into the deeper mystical experiences and states of … Continue reading

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Discovering Orgasm with a Partner — A Guide for Women

Many women are able to reach some degree of orgasm alone, but have difficulty having orgasms with their partner. This especially applies to vaginal/g-spot orgasms. First of all, the key is to allow lots of time for the man to … Continue reading

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Discovering Orgasm for the First time–for Women

Discovering orgasm for the first time–which is usually a clitoral orgasm–represents a milestone in the life of each woman who experiences is (unfortunately, statistics indicate that between 10-20% of western women will never have this experience). If you haven’t ever … Continue reading

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A Conscious Lovemaking Session

Warning: This is a graphic depiction of conscious lovemaking. Only read this article if you are an adult and wish to see what conscious lovemaking might look like. Sarah met John at a party. The chemistry was evident between them … Continue reading

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