Discovering Orgasm for the First time–for Women

Discovering orgasm for the first time–which is usually a clitoral orgasm–represents a milestone in the life of each woman who experiences is (unfortunately, statistics indicate that between 10-20% of western women will never have this experience).

If you haven’t ever taken time or space to try to explore orgasmic energy, budget in an hour or so and follow this guide here.

If you have tried that a few times, but still can’t seem to orgasm, engage a partner who is proficient at providing pleasure to your gender.

If that doesn’t work, it is probably time to get some help. Feel free to contact me. ¬†We will come to a plan of attack so you can begin having the orgasms that are your birthright to experience!

About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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