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The Revolution Begins

In which I discuss how much I learned about sex in Europe, how much we still have to learn in the US, and what I and perhaps you are going to do about it.

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How I learned about Sex

After leaving the Mormon church, drenched in shame and body-negative messages, and not knowing where to turn, I decided I wanted to learn about sex and alternative relationships. There were two places to do that: ZEGG, which was holding an … Continue reading

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Native Language is Touch

I began to cry in the workshop. “My native language is touch and I have no one to speak it with.” Imagine living in a world where no one speaks your language. That’s how I felt most of the time. … Continue reading

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What I wish I Could Tell You (For the Future Spiritual Sexual Healer/Dakini or Daka)

by┬áRyan Orrock Today, a beautiful person came to me excited with the opportunity to use her power and sexuality in healing. (November 9, 2013). It prompted me to write the following. —- I wish I could tell you about the … Continue reading

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