No woman is really interested in a “relationship”…much less “marriage”.

No woman is really interested in a “relationship”…much less “marriage”. Not at her core.

No man is either.

What they are interested in is in fulfilling their need to serve in their archetypal roles. A woman can nurture. This is like rivers running to the ocean and birds singing. This is what she does. If she does not nurture at all, she is not fully a woman. She feels this. She feels somehow empty. She feels that something is missing.

This is the need which needs to be fulfilled. Marriage. Boyfriend. These are only strategies to fulfill this need. And they are usually poor strategies. Because she does not see the need clearly that she is trying to fulfill. And because no balance can be held because no consciousness is held in these defined and labeled connections.

Instead, she feels as a slave. A slave to how her mother did things. A slave to convention. The expectations of her partner. This is not what she wanted at all!

Seeing only those two options—relationships that seem as oasis but in reality are slavery—and being alone and leaving the expression of her femininity totally unexpressed, she can easily despair of ever being able to be a true woman in this life.

This is where many Western women are.


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Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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