What Women Want from Men: The Sage

Every woman needs three things from Man*:

  • A Lover
  • A Warrior and
  • A Sage

Unfortunately, society has trained her to believe that she needs to find all of these, perfectly balanced in *one* man while at the same time subjecting all men to the conditioning which results in them usually being unbalanced in all three.

Let’s take a look at it. A lover feels. He is sensitive, emotional. He touches a woman’s heartstrings, plays beautiful melodies with her body. He is romantic and sensitive.

The Warrior is a “get things done” guy. He goes and and does what needs to be done. He fights the battle–no matter the risk. He protects his woman at all times.

A sage is wise. He has the right answers. The right advice. He tempers the emotional swings and encourages her to wait and think about things.

Women: of all of these three, the easiest to get (and therefore, the one no woman should live without) is the sage. What does a sage do? How does he function in a girl’s life?

The sage provides feedback about every major decision a woman is thinking about making. He listens thoughtfully and presently. He doesn’t judge. And often, he can help her find a better, more optimal, or more fulfilling way to do what she wants to do. He serves as an Oracle of the Masculine to the woman.

A woman will look for a sage who is matched to her level of [spiritual] development and experience. A sage for a 15-year-old may have different answers than a sage would for a 45-year-old. Two different sage’s answers may be contradictory, depending upon the level of the asker and the hearer, nonetheless, their answers will be what a woman needs to hear right now.

What have your experiences been with sages? So, who is your sage? Do you have a sage? How did you find him?*



* Yes, I know.

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Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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