Action is Necessary, Even if the Action is Meditation

“Except for you this can happen this very moment. The treasure is there; the method is known to you. You can dig, but you will not dig.

Even this question is a trick not to dig, because your mind says, “Such a simple thing? Don’t be a fool. How can you become a buddha through such a simple thing? It is not going to be.” And then you are not going to do anything, because how can this happen? Mind is tricky. If I say this is very difficult, the mind says, “This is so difficult it is beyond you.” If I say this is very simple, the mind says, “This is so simple that only fools can believe in it.” And mind goes on rationalizing things, always escaping from doing.

Mind creates barriers. It will become a barrier if you think this is so simple, or this is too difficult — then what are you going to do? You cannot do a simple thing, you cannot do a difficult thing. What are you going to do? Tell me! If you want to do a difficult thing, I will make it difficult. If you are going to do a simple thing, I will make it simple. It is both — it depends on how it is interpreted. But one thing is needed, that you are going to DO.”

Without taking action, taking time, making space, nothing can change. Nothing can happen. And self-work is the hardest, most difficult work of all…much more difficult than changing the world.

If you change the world, you must not fear that anything can happen–the problems are much too big that you can make a difference. But if you begin to work to change yourself, you must be very afraid, because you might succeed…and what does that success look like–what does it feel like? You do not know.


About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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