How can Small Techniques Manifest?

“.. you are a beggar. If someone says, “Go and look inside your house. You need not be a beggar, you can be an emperor this very moment,” the beggar is bound to say, “What nonsense you are talking. How can I be an emperor this very moment? I have been begging for years and still I am a beggar, and even if I go on begging for lives together, I am not going to be an emperor. So how absurd and illogical your statement is, `You can be an emperor this very moment.'”

It is impossible. The beggar cannot believe it. Why? Because the begging mind is a long habit. But if the treasure is just hidden in the house, then from simple digging, removing the earth a little bit, the treasure will be there. And immediately he will not be a beggar again, he will become an emperor.

It is the same with spirituality: it is a hidden treasure. Nothing is to be achieved somewhere in the future. You have not yet recognized it, but it is there already in you.

You are the treasure, but you go on begging. So simple techniques can help. Digging the earth, removing a little bit, is not a big effort, and you can become an emperor immediately. You have to dig a little bit to remove the earth. And when I say remove the earth, it is not only symbolically that I am saying it. Literally your body is part of the earth, and you have become identified with the body.  Remove this earth a little bit, create a hole in it, and you will come to know the treasure.” – Osho

We go looking for some external master, teacher, priest, king to tell us what to do, how to reach.

We move in our relationships like beggars begging for just some tiny morsel of love…feeling so undeserving…begging in our parched thirst for someone to come and just dip their finger in water and place it on our tongue that our thirst may be satiated some tiny bit.

In reality, we have the deepest well of living water within us. We have sumptuous feasts all around. We cannot move without stumbling over our abundance and richness. And yet we fear our lack, our need, our emptiness.

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Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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