Tantra vs. Yoga–Two Different Paths to One Goal

“So with an unhealthy mind neither yoga nor tantra can work. They will both lead to deceptions. A healthy mind, particularly a sexually healthy mind, is needed to start with. Then it is not very difficult to choose your path. You can choose yoga, you can choose tantra.

There are two types of persons basically, male and female. I do not mean biologically, but psychologically. For those who are psychologically basically male – aggressive, violent, extrovert – yoga is their path. For those who are basically feminine, receptive, passive, non-violent, tantra is their path. So you may note it: for tantra, Mother Kali, Tara, and so many DEVIS, BHAIRAVIS – female deities – are very significant. In yoga you will never hear mentioned any name of a feminine deity.

Tantra has feminine deities; yoga has male gods. Yoga is outgoing energy; tantra is energy moving inwards. So you can say in modern psychological terms that yoga is extrovert and tantra is introvert. So it depends on the personality. If you have an introverted personality, then fight is not for you. If you have an extroverted personality, then fight is for you.

But we are just confused, we are just in a mess; that is why nothing helps. On the contrary, everything disturbs. Yoga will disturb you, tantra will disturb you. Every medicine is going to create a new illness for you because the chooser is ill, diseased; so the result of his choice will be illness. So I do not mean that through yoga you cannot reach. I emphasize tantra only because we are going to try to understand what tantra is.”

About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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