Tantra is Transformation of Energy

“You are angry… tantra will not say do not be angry. Tantra will say be angry wholeheartedly, but be aware. Tantra is not against anger, tantra is only against spiritual sleepiness, spiritual unconsciousness. Be aware AND be angry. And this is the secret of the method – that if you are aware anger is transformed: it becomes compassion. So tantra says anger is not your enemy; it is compassion in seed form. The same anger, the same energy, will become compassion.

If you fight with it, then there will be no possibility for compassion. So if you succeed in fighting, in suppression, you will be a dead man. There will be no anger because you have suppressed it, but there will be no compassion either because only anger can be transformed into compassion. If you succeed in your suppression – which is impossible – then there will be no sex, but no love either, because with sex dead there is no energy to grow into love. So you will be without sex, but you will also be without love. And then the whole point is missed, because without love there is no divineness, without love there is no liberation, and without love there is no freedom.”

We learn to be against all the energies which are within us. We fight our anger. We fight our fear. And create giant shadows and lose their corresponding energies…compassion, or courage.

Only by embracing all that is–especially the uncomfortable–can we transcend and become whole.

About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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