Solving All Problems via Energy and Consciousness

Energy And ConsciousnessIf we are dissatisfied with anything in life, it is due to one of only two reasons.

Either we have insufficient consciousness to handle the problem, or we have insufficient energy to solve it.

Often, women/female bodied have more access to the energetic realms in life. And men/male bodied have more access to consciousness.

Insufficient consciousness can manifest a number of ways. Perhaps we don’t realize there is a problem, perhaps we don’t realize the problem can be solved, perhaps we don’t realize that we have access to resources to solve the problem. And so on.

If we are in the desert dying of thirst, and we don’t realize that there is water nearby, or we believe that a mirage is really water, these problems of consciousness can prevent us from solving our problem.

Or, if we don’t realize that there is a way to quit smoking or to lose weight, then these would be problems of consciousness as well.

However, the issue that we very often face is that we have insufficient energy to solve a problem.

We have an understanding of what would be required to quit smoking or to lose weight, but we don’t feel that we have the energy to do so.

We understand some steps that could be taken to positively impact environment, but we don’t feel we have the energy to make that happen.

We have ideas about dealing with poverty and hunger, but we don’t have the energy in our lives to make changes in the world.

Our ‘real lives’ keep us so busy, so tired, so energy-less, that we simply cannot take real steps to change either within nor without.

And, how do we as human beings receive energy? What did those people do who accomplished amazing things that is different from you and I?

What secret or forbidden sources of energy did these people have access to that we do not?

Because raising our energy and consciousness will have a transformational effect on individuals and society, this natural universal tendency threatens whatever status quo exists within human groups. This threat is therefore minimized via numerous covert and overt methods.

Controlling the consciousness of a group of people can be done by controlling education, limiting access to information and knowledge, reducing opportunities to learn, access to powerful teachers and trainers et cetera.

Entire social systems are created to do just that. Money is also used as a way to prevent knowledge from flowing freely.

Without societal controls, information, knowledge, techniques, training, and teachers will flow freely between people. In addition, people can be shown how to receive access to more information on deeper levels within themselves.

This would provide a natural process for raising consciousness as time continues.

Limiting the energy of the population is also done in many ways.

Left in their natural state, energy will flow in various forms within humans, between humans and within groups of humans, and between humans and their environment.

People will tend to greater and greater energy. Again, this represents a threat to the status quo.

The first three forms of energy that are bridled in human beings by society (during childhood) are: free and unstructured movement, deep breathing, and strong vocalized sound.

Restricting access to clean water and air, energetically powerful food, sunshine, adequate rest and relaxation, and opportunities to exercise are also used to reduce the energy of a population.

Many of these and other energetic exchanges within society are moderated by the flow of money, thus reducing many types of energetic exchange.

Perhaps most importantly, the free flow of sexual energy within individuals, and between two or more people is strongly limited as well. Sexuality is one of if not the strongest form of energy that is exchanged between people. Morality is one way these limits are achieved.

Teaching that specific sexual practices are wrong or bad, or that certain practices will be damaging to society can prevent individuals from receiving full access to this extremely powerful source of energy.

This “sexual moralityā€¯ is created and enforced in an authoritarian fashion by “those in power”.

Once sexual morality began to be questioned, additionally creative means are utilized to control this energy within the population, such as fear of illnesses, fear of unwanted pregnancy, fear of sexual violence, etc.

Watch for those practices in society which are shrouded in fear, uncertainty, and doubt as well as those things that are being enforced by blame, shame, guilt, punishment, threat, or rewards to see where the force of authoritarianism is modifying behavior.

Also watch those people that seem to have a lot of energy, consciousness, and personal power. You will notice that they ignore the taboos that society creates to reduce access to energy. They will have little fear of using methods, systems, or substances to enhance their energy or their consciousness, and their sexual practices will not be limited to those approved of be society.

This is true in virtually all cases.

If we would be the ones accomplishing things with great power and an abundance of energy and consciousness, we must do the same thing.

We must not accept any limits to our consciousness, knowledge, or understanding. We must also break down all barriers within and without to the free flow of energy.

This is the only way to find happiness, get our needs met, and solve our own problems and those of the world around us.

About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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