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Welcome HomeThe following is an open document describing a possible vision for our village. It may be updated as our vision updates!


There is a village. And in this village there is a center of learning. And this center of learning is unlike any school that you have ever seen before.

In this center of learning anyone, young or old can come and ask for support and learning those things that he or she desires to learn.

The community provides support for anyone who wishes to learn anything inasmuch as it is possible.

Not only is everyone a possible student without regarding rank, everyone in this place is also a teacher.

Once someone has learned something, they realize that the greatest joy often comes from sharing what they have learned.

Those with great knowledge share with those with much knowledge. Those with much share with those of little. Those with little, share with those with none.

It is a perfect waterfall for knowledge to flow.

No one in the village claims to have any authority to know what is important for another person to learn. They may make suggestions, but no one is forced or coerced into learning anything.

The system is as powerful in helping people learn what they want as it is simple in its concepts.


Sex, sensuality, and intimacy are seen as fundamental needs in the village.

Just as with money, sex is not a sign of value within the village. It is not something that is used to hold power over others.

Everyone in the village understands that specific human needs are the same for all of us. And all the village sees it as their role to allow space for all needs to be fulfilled for each member of the village as much as possible. This includes the needs of sex, sensuality, and intimacy.


Money is utilized in the village as a tool, if it all, and not a block.

To the extent that money provides information or useful structure for doing things within the village, money is used.

If money is used for dealing with those outside the village, it is acquired and expended in ways that will meet the needs of the village.

Money is seen for what it is, namely a symbolic form of energy that can be utilized for certain problems, or not!

It is never an excuse to allow anyone within the village to go hungry, or cold, or naked.

It isn’t used as an object of power, to compel others in the village to do what the leadership or the “wealthy” want.

It isn’t used as a measure of status–to show how important someone is.

It isn’t used by parents to hold power over children.

Most of the time, it is virtually irrelevant and largely invisible.


There is a village. And in this village, children are not “raised”.

Children do not “belong” to anyone within this village. No one “belongs” to anyone else in this village.

There is space and freedom enough in this village for every person, including children, to choose what they will do and when.

Instead of using “discipline”, parents, adults, and everyone in the village express their feelings and needs, with support when necessary.

If someone does something that seems to cause someone else sadness or distress, they simply express this and ask that something different happen.

They never use violence, threats, blame, shame, guilt, punishment, or rewards to manipulate others into doing what they want.

Instead, they maintain true connection with those around them in sharing their feelings about what is happening as equals.

Healing / Health

In this village, everyone thinks primarily in terms of energy. Not money or time.

Because in this village, everyone thinks in terms of energy, healing and health care function much differently than our current system.

They view disease as a fundamental misalignment of the energy flow within a person or the group.

Instead of crudely attacking symptoms or violently engaging with the person having the disease, energy is used to support the person in reaching their alignment.

That energy may have many forms, many modalities. These modalities are usually fun, focused on consciousness, and allow the blocks to energy to be removed for the free-flowing of energy.

Disease and injury are also viewed as messages, with deeper information for the individual and the community to uncover. They are invitations to consciousness.

Money is understood as a very subordinate level of energy within the healing system. While it may be useful or even necessary to use the energy society gives money in some situations for healing, energy is the focus of healing efforts.


The village does not have what one would consider a “conventional legal system”, with punishments, threats, and rewards.

Instead, there are processes of communication and mediation to help all people within the village find ways to get their needs met and restoration made for any damage that does happen.

No one is labeled “bad” or “evil” in this village. Everyone knows that everyone is basically good, has similar feelings and needs, and is trying for a good result.

Much of the conflict resolution is informal. Structures exist on every level for resolution of larger conflicts.

Food as Nourishment

In the village, food preparation, growth, and storage is focused around energy and sensuality (meaning: to the senses).

The body is an incredibly powerful tool for determining the appropriateness of a food for a specific individual.

The group does not enforce any morality around food.

Instead, powerful positive energies are utilized to enable food growth and preparation to be most energetically overflowing processes within the village. Pure, vital water is treasured.


Housing in the villages is created and altered according to the aesthetic desires of its occupants in harmony with nature.

Many of the techniques used might be considered arcane or archaic by those who are used to the structures and building methods used by society today.

One key value of the village is to provide each person within it with enough space to meet their needs.

Each person has the opportunity to create a space or spaces for themselves the matches their aesthetic wishes and fulfills their needs and desires.

Arts and Beauty

Arts and beauty within the village.

Rather than the financial constraints being the primary concern of the village, beauty, sensuality, sensory activation, and pleasure are a high priority for the inhabitants of the Village.

Therefore time and space exists to allow the members of the village to enjoy expression and creative pursuits however they wish, so long as this does not encroach upon the needs or desires of other members. But since they will talk about their feelings and needs, conflicts are easily and quickly resolved.


This village is governed not by authority, godly decree, or military might. This village is guided and held by the feelings and needs of those within it.

About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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