Inspirations for Community

The members of the Peaceful Living Group have no special dogma and are pragmatic in using ‘what works’ to communicate and live together peacefully. We have studied and often share ideas from the following systems in looking for ways of relating more effectively in community and to inspire more happiness and fulfillment as individuals.

  • Non-violent (compassionate) communication via Marshall Rosenberg. A method of interpersonal communication that focuses on acknowledging the feelings of and getting the needs met of all participants.
  • The Core Protocols by Jim McCarthy – A system of working together effectively (best results) and efficiently (in shortest time while meeting needs of all participants)
  • Eastern concepts of consciousness and energy. Meditation as a method to access the reality of this moment.
  • Consensus and silent group facilitation
  • The philosophy of Jesus, best expressed in the Golden Rule.
  • Principles of logic as applied to philosophy
  • Common sense

Most of these ideas are fairly simple to state and understand and just as difficult to live.  We work constantly to support each other in doing so.

About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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