True Community: Lessons Gained from Lafayette Morehouse Visit

Some friends and I visited Lafayette Morehouse for an introduction to their community practices.

They say about themselves: ”

“Lafayette Morehouse has been a successful group living experiment for over 40 years. …

“Vic Baranco conceived the Morehouse lifestyle as one in which people could live together pleasurably without doing anything they didn’t want to do while serving the world unselfishly and profiting by it. ” From here

They say their cornerstone is perfection. Really, it’s about nonjudgemental acceptance of pleasure. In other words: sex and intimacy is a basic human need and they work to find ways to fulfill this need in positive ways.

Sex has beenĀ such a difficult subject in my life (only me?). Society puts is as an ever-dangling carrot hanging from a stick right in front of your face.

If you just do A,B,C, and D, you will get great sex, they said. Maybe this has worked out for a few people.

My feeling and my experience however, is that most people feel lacking in the touch/love/sex department mostĀ of the time.

You can bet no lone gunman has ever taken an AK-47 and killed a dozen people who has been adequately sexed up.

But I digress.

I’ll write more about the visit as the week progresses but I wanted to comment on some final thoughts I had about it this week.

What if there were a group that was committed to meeting the 9 fundamental human needs as powerfully as possible for every member?

Sure, Morehouse seems to do better in sexuality (though I didn’t get any details). But their food system didn’t seem like they really met people’s needs. Everyone kind of just fends for themselves. So far, that works lousily for me.

And didn’t hear too much about creativity, autonomy, or meaning needs being met…


About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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