Men Love the Thrill of a Chase

Man is, in part, a warrior.

And part of that is the hunter.

The hunter enjoys the thrill of the hunt. The chase

This motivation causes him to face impossible odds to try and “catch”  “prey” or achieve difficult things.

This also applies to women.

Part of seduction or looking for a partner is the sheer enjoyment of the chase. Will I succeed? How do I approach stealthily, without ‘spooking’ my prey?

Nevermind that the prey in many instances of male/female interaction is enjoying the chase and actually wants to be caught…sooner or later

The hunt itself is a rush. It satisfies the hunter (who, unless he identifies with results mentally, will simply go hunt the next day if today didn’t work out).

For most men, this is a need which must be fulfilled. The thrill of the hunt.

So, if he is in a relationship, and this need is not fulfilled, what do you think happens?

Without any malice and completely “naturally”, he might just  go outside the relationship to get it fulfilled.

Men have to have a chance to chase and conquer in real-life situations. The inner warrior demands it. So what does the warrior do once he ‘has his prey’….especially after he has had a chance to munch on it awhile?

Even worse, what does the warrior do once he has a signed piece of paper saying that the prey agrees to belong to him? How boring is that for the inner warrior?

He moves on to the next chase.  Or the inner warrior languishes and perhaps dies. The experience of the real chase is that important. Not reaching the goal.

You may think that men are interested in women with large breasts and miniskirts. Perhaps, but they are interested in women with large breasts and miniskirts even more if they are moving!

In other words, the ‘hunter’ is triggered by anything that looks like prey (if we were still hunting for food, he would see deer at 2000 yards). Prey moves. Prey is sometimes even running.

Soooo, if you want a man to become interested in you or stay interested in you after “catching” you, what do you do?

Keep moving. Don’t let it be too easy for him. Trigger that inner lion. That inner hunter.

You can enjoy being ‘chased and caught’ again and again. And he can enjoy the chasing.

About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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