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Creating and Living in an Abundant World

The experiences of the Really Really Free Markets, gift economies, and experiences within families and communities (such as OWS) that live a non-money based economy show that everyone’s needs are more likely to be met in these situations than in a cutthroat capitalist … Continue reading

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Money (Energy) Must Flow Freely, Pt I

I was led to take quite a long walk recently and all sorts of information was present. One of the strongest messages I received was one that I have intuitively felt since I was 19 and began to consider the … Continue reading

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Demons and Con Men

  Most spiritual traditions have teachings about consciousness outside the body. Even the Holy Spirit is a discorporeal entity of a sort. And each of these traditions has “good” disembodied entities, and “bad” ones. Some people of their path through life … Continue reading

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006 – Debt as Evil

We are hearing a lot about debt, from Greece to Wall Street to home’owners’ losing their houses, to student debts never being able to be discharged even be bankruptcy. Debt destroys families, friendships, and indeed, our entire society if we … Continue reading

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Basketball is like Money!

We created basketball to enjoy and serve us as a fun sport. We created money! Why? To serve us all, I believe. Is money serving you as you wish? If not, change the rules or play another game. Now!

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