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Everything is Abundant I/x

I’m going to start with natural resources. Oil. Gas. Water. Sunlight. Coal. Infinite. Whatever people need to be happy on this world, there is an abundance of. It is infinite. Doesn’t matter how long you shower. Doesn’t matter how much gas … Continue reading

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The Main Issue: Domination and Authority

We live in a world created for us by our culture.  Here, world doesn’t refer to the planet. It refers to how we see things. Our culture’s primary doctrine is the domination system. In a domination system, we tell others ‘below … Continue reading

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Why Voting is Evil

Our so-called “democratic system” is just as immoral as a dictatorship. Participation makes you complicit. The State can take life, liberty, and property from anyone if the 51% decides it. That which you would never do, (like imprison or kill your neighbor for using cannabis) you … Continue reading

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001 – Do you Need Government, really?

In this episode, I go through a whirlwind of ideas and concepts relating to government–is it a necessary evil, or just plain evil? Learn about gift economy, Sacred Economics, the Occupy experiences and much more…  

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