My First Step (Toward Enlightenment) – Losing Everything

I was constantly interested in spirituality, even as a child. From the age of 14, I studied the scriptures every day for a half an hour. I prayed three times a day on my knees.

I spent hundreds of hours in ‘service to others’.

And after about 15 years of this, I felt very very unhappy. Very empty. They had promised me that if I did what they told me to, I would be happy. Everyone else looked happy. But what was wrong with me?

This was the point of decision.

Were they right? Or was there something else?

I felt like leaving.

If I followed my inner guidance, I would be rejecting millions in my religion, including  leaders who claimed to speak directly with God. I would be endangering my Eternal Salvation. (!)

In addition, I would lose most of my friends. Because they were all in the Organization.

And, I would have to admit that the path that I had followed for 27 years had been a complete waste of time. My ego would barely let me consider the idea.

Nonetheless,  I left.

I lost most of my friends.

But, I  had a lot more free time.

Shortly after, I lost my job.

What Happened Next…
































About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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