A Poem of Life

We fight so much the flow of life

We seek to take control.

We think to run
the way things are.

The way
that things should go.

But they will run
along their course.

Since time eternal back.

And we can just accept it all
and flow along its track.

For time will go
the way it does.

And life flow down
its course.

And the secret of
the ride to have.

Is to be there
with its source.

The river goes
its own good speed.

We cannot stop or turn
or move it.

But trying much
we make things hard.

We don’t ever
improve it.

So just relax!
accept! enjoy!

Flow with the pain
of life.

Or pleasure great–
whatever is.

You can’t improve
with strife.

We fight ourselves
for we are life.

And we designed
this course.

And no one here
can change that path.

No matter
how much force.

You can learn
or you can fight.

And get to learn

But to resist
is to hold back

From all
that you can win.

So don’t resist.

And don’t hold back.

And let yourself
be raw.

Get what you can
from this brief time.

And joy shall be
yours and awe.
-Ryan Orrock

About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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