Commitment to Christ Consciousness

Of all the figures in the entire history of the world, the one who inspires me most is Jesus. His amazing life. His groundbreaking teachings. His willingness to stand fast though the entire power of the status quo was arrayed against him. He had the ability to inspire people to follow, to listen, and to transform their lives through his teachings, even today—though much is lost through the ‘translators’ of time.

Is there a greater story in any history? Is there a greater story in all of recorded thought?

I don’t think so.

Christ taught about his return. And people didn’t understand. Of course they didn’t understand. His own disciples denied him and even lost all hope right after his crucifixion. They counted on an empire being established. A worldly kingdom. But his return is something personal.

He healed the sick, he raised the dead, it is said. Even more, he promised that those that believed on him—or believed as he did—would do more impressive things than these. Are you with a group that heals the sick? With the power to raise the dead? To cast out devils and heal the souls of men and women?

If not, would you like to be?

If yes, then consider what you are committed to.

Spirituality is a question of commitment. It’s a question of direction. Your spirituality, whatever it is based on, will rule your entire life. It is your foundation. True spirituality includes a commitment to spiritual development and progress. You know there is a reason for you to work through your ego, your fears, your so-called weaknesses. To find the light inside. To shine as a city upon a hill.

False spirituality serves your ego and makes your fears stronger, or even worse—hides them. This is true whether your god is money or power or sex or even the adulation that comes from being a great healer or powerful speaker.

I have never felt comfortable as the center of anything. I have seen myself and realize that there is nothing there. What I am is a reflection, a manifestation, of that which is truly great. Yes, I am god, or a part of god, but god is not an egotist.

For these reasons, and to serve humanity rightly, I invite us into a new spiritual tradition.

Major religions give you some hints about moving from a chaotic existence into one with more structure. Our tradition builds upon the foundation of a commitment to the Christ consciousness empowered by the Mary Magdalene energy.

When Jesus said he was coming again, he meant that he had created a pattern, a template, a pathway for us to become truly free, to enjoy the abundant life, to be fountains of love and healing, the leaven that would raise the whole loaf of civilization.

Saying, “I believe in Jesus!” or “I accept Jesus as my savior!” or “I was saved!” alone provides no more spiritual power than does any other statement of belief.

Simply going to church on Sunday can leave one empty and unfulfilled.

Remember the difference between the wise man who built on rock and the foolish man who built on sand? It was because of what they did or did not do that determined whether their houses fell or not. And what you do stems from your commitment.

So, what are you committed to in your life? Financial stability? Raising your kids to be good members of society? Looking good? Impressing the neighbors?

What would your life look like if you were truly committed to learning God’s will and performing it? To re-living the coming of that perfectly balanced man, directed by the Father (our own personal highest spiritual guide) into your own life and heart? What if that were your highest commitment and dedication?

The results would be so powerful that walking on water becomes child’s play. It makes feeding the 5,000 look like a parlor trick.

In fact, if you commit to attaining this consciousness within yourself, and you attain this, through all the trials which god sees fit to provide for you, you will have attained a pearl of great price, which is worth the sacrifice of everything else. You will be in the Kingdom of God.

For this reason, join us. Not “out there somewhere” or of some god who lived thousands of years ago, but within yourself. Through diligence and conscious effort, not the rote repetition of prayer.

I have been on this journey since I was 14. I have something to say about where the ‘straight and narrow way’ is and commit myself to supporting others that choose this journey, regardless of their previous religious affiliation or ideas.

This is the way to save the world. This is the way to be saved ourselves. By committing ourselves to our own personal journey of growth and development, finding the like-minded, joining together to support and strengthen each other, and to ‘let our light so shine’ out into the world that is looking for some way to orient itself. The answers haven’t changed in 2000 years. But perhaps now, we are willing to hear them.


About Ryan Orrock

Ryan works with power and sexuality to help people get what they want.

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