007 – Brett Snelson on Tantric Parenting, Ecology, and Tantric Birthing

Brett Snelson of www.tantricparenting.com.au approaches life in an adventurous and eclectic way that continues to evolve as new ways of being. Early in his training for intimacy and relationship coaching he found a passion for integrating this work with conscious parenting. Brett is living in divine loving union with Alice that is continually evolving within a new paradigm of relating that is radically honest, transparent and unconditional. It is deeply spiritual, rich in connection, full of fun, laughter, sensuality and sweet darkness. He brings together personal experience, holistic counselling, tantric bodywork, conscious parenting approaches, philosophical reasoning and ecological thinking to facilitate alignment with loving life pathways. Brett specialises in intimacy and relationship coaching, sexual healing and expansion, and bringing clarity to contradictions in life.

He spoke to us about non-violent, non-coercive parenting, home schooling and natural learning, Tantric home birthing, community, sustainability, and what he offers to parents and families looking for more depth and connection.

Brett and Alice decided to have a home birth with no assistance. The story can be found here.

Visit www.tantricparenting.com.au to find out how Brett and Alice help parents and couples to have deeper, more meaningful relationships and connections.

Note: in the spirit of openness, this podcast was done completely naked. 😉

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