What I’m doing Now

What am I doing now? (A la Derek Sievers)

  1. Creating a non-profit foundation in support of my Manifesto that will support the transformation of sexuality and relationships in the US. (Similar to the Mondragon Coop or Enspiral)
  2. Manifesting $100M for this foundation to invest into a series of businesses that will contribute to the future of sexuality and relationships.
  3. Working to move into my new house/retreat center.
  4. Looking for six five apprentices to do my most intense 1:1 training. (200h @ 1:1) – People who 1. Commit totally to their goals. 2. Will revolutionize the world of sexuality. 3. Have $25k-$100k to just slap on the table to do it. 4. Have faith, trust, and surrender.
  5. Running the coolest group of people working with sexuality to help them build their businesses.
  6. Losing 60 50 lbs and achieving perfect health.
  7. Building a broadcasting empire (see podcast on this site+YouTube+FB Live).
  8. And of course, $10M and 1M people touched within 2.5 years.